Maskwacis Cree Tribal Council (MCTC) was established on June 13th, 2017 by an approved motion during a Maskwacis Cree regular meeting. Indigenous Services Canada receives BCRs from Ermineskin Cree Nation (2017-18/774-067/47), Louis Bull Tribe (#24-2017-2016), Montana First Nation and Samson Cree Nation (2017-2018-774-#025) to form the Tribal Council. Maskwacis Cree Tribal Council By-Laws were approved by the four Maskwacis Cree Chiefs on March 26th, 2018. The Maskwacis Cree Tribal Council was incorporated in Alberta (Societies Act) on April 19th, 2018. The Maskwacis Cree Tribal Council Board of Directors were appointed by the Maskwacis Cree Chiefs in April 17th, 2018.

Core Functions

Purpose – To exercise full control and management of the affairs of the Maskwacis Cree Tribal Council and all the powers and authority granted to it in the Maskwacis Cree Tribal Council By-Laws. Cited, 

“5.01-MCTC By-Laws 2018 Key Services:  

  • Implement and abide/enforce the MCTC By-Laws, Governance Policy, MCTC Board of Directors Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics 
  • Ensure the MCTC is in good standings within the Alberta Society Act 
  • Amend, implement and monitor the MCTC Board of Directors Strategic Plan and Operations Plans and submit quarterly progress reports to Maskwacis Cree Nations 
  • Amend, implement and enforce MCTC Administration Policy and Procedures 
  • Ensure that MCTC has sufficient funding to operate effectively  
  • Establish and maintain good relations with MCTC member Maskwacis Cree Nations, PTO’s/IRO’s, NGO’s, governments, industry, foundations and other Tribal Councils 
  • Host MCTC Annual General Meetings and present the Financial Audit and Annual Report

Purpose – To be accountable to the MCTC member Maskwacis Cree Nations and funders 

Key Services

  • Prepare and submit to member Maskwacis Cree Nations and government the annual MCTC Annual Reports sufficient to adhere to Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC) terms and conditions  
  • Prepare and submit an annual MCTC Financial Audit as per the ‘Year-End Reporting Handbook for First Nations, Tribal Councils and First Nation Political Organizations’ 
  • MCTC is legally incorporated and in good standings with primarily accountably to Maskwacis Cree Nations, be represented on the MCTC Board of Directors and have opportunity to review work plans, budgets and audit reports 
  • Conduct periodic reviews of MCTC program effectiveness by member Maskwacis Cree Nations 
  • Conduct ongoing review and regular monitoring of MCTC service delivery and quality 
  • Develop, approve and implement a MCTC Human Resource Development Plans and Policies, and recruit and retain a qualified Executive Director 
  • Effective communications with MCTC member Maskwacis Cree Nations and ISC 
  • Ensure integrity of MCTC financial, management, communications and information systems 
  • Conduct periodic review of MCTC program effectiveness, including Strategic and Operations Plans, identify priorities and management of risks

Purpose – To support sovereign Maskwacis Cree Nations advocate, uphold and affirm Treaty and Indigenous Rights, traditional ancestral territories and natural resources in collaboration with the Crown and Right of Canada  

Key Services:  

  • Support and assist, as requested, by Maskwacis Cree Nations in their efforts to improve their socio-economic (education, occupation, income, wealth & place of residence) status over time and have protective and preventative mechanisms in place  
  • Continue to support, as requested, by Maskwacis Cree Nations in their efforts to lobby and positively influence and inference politicians, government officials, public servants and policy makers’ political and funding decisions and their government policies (laws, bills, legislation, regulations, policies, procedures) and media agencies, journalists, and influential NGOs 
  • Continue to influence global, national and local decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions including media campaigns, public speaking, commissioning and publishing research, conducting polls or filing briefs to governments

Purpose – To co-develop and launch specific programs and services in partnership with Maskwacis Cree Nations including capacity development initiatives for their citizens 

Key Services:   

  • According to ISC, major program means a program/service funded by the Department, which is delivered by a Tribal Council on an ongoing basis, and is defined in the Chart of Accounts and by the Treasury Board Secretariat as a Departmental Program Activity. The following are the major programs: Band Management, Capital and Housing, Community Infrastructure, Economic Development, Education, Lands, Registration and Membership and Social Development 
  • Develop and implement a MCTC Human Resources Plan 
  • Information Sharing at the MCNs Level  
  • Review and implement the Pigeon Lake Reserve 138a Gap Analysis Improvement Action Plan (2014)  
  • Develop, launch and operate the Maskwacis Library & Resource Centre